Thursday, April 11th

Today in class, I asked you guys to draw a map of your research process for a past research project in order to think about the specific places you went and the people you interacted with in order to make your paper happen.

I asked you guys to consider the following questions about Bonnie Mak and Julia Pollack’s “The Performance and Practice of Research in A Cabinet of Curiosity: The Library’s Dead Time”:

  • Read back through the introduction to the article. What was the intended purpose (or purposes) of the art installation? Based on this article, do you think they achieved that purpose? Why or why not?
  • Look back at your research process map. In what ways might “dead time” fit into your process? What unseen producers and organizers of knowledge exist behind the scenes of your map?
  • In what ways do embodiment and materiality get highlighted in the exhibit as described?
  • Near the bottom of page 220, the authors describe the reason they wrote this article. (See: “To counteract the ephemeral nature of the exhibition…”) In what ways does this article limit or flatten the experience of the exhibit? In what ways might the article be superior to the exhibit? (Remember the terms “affordances” and “constraints” that we’ve discussed before.)

Here’s your homework, upcoming due dates, and prompts:

Due Saturday:

Transmediation Blog Post #1

Spend some more time listening to/watching/reading/exploring Because the Internet. You can find links to much of it on Camden Ostrander’s page, but also do your own snooping on YouTube, social media, and the Google; for example, try searching the #roscoeswetsuit hashtag on the social media platform of your choice and see what comes up. Reflect on the experience. What do you like about this kind of transmedia text? What do you not like? Do you think this kind of transmedia experience is the future of entertainment? Why or why not? Posts should be between 300 – 500 words long and should be uploaded to your course blog by 11:59pm on Saturday.

Independent Reading Blog Post

Write one blog post about one of the assigned readings for class. In this reading-related blog post, you will choose one of the assigned readings, write a brief summary of the piece (200 – 300 words), then write an analysis (300 – 500 words) in which you discuss the text in relation to other texts and ideas we have discussed in class. If you’re not sure that a particular text will “count” for the purpose of this assignment, please check with me before proceeding. This post is due by 11:59pm on Saturday.

Due Tuesday:

Research Proposal for Workshop

In this proposal (200 – 300 words), you’re describing your intended topic of research along with some ideas about the kinds of sources you need to find, where you might find these sources, and a sketched-out timeline of how you plan to accomplish your research plan. You might have a set research question at this point, but it’s not necessary. As long as you have some general ideas about your research topic, you should be fine.

Also for class on Tuesday, you need to read/watch/experience Hollow, and come to class ready to sign up for a one-on-one meeting during Week Fifteen.

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